2023 Color Ideas Perfect for Interior Painting Overland Park Kansas!


Looking for fresh color ideas for Interior Painting Overland Park? Yes it is now Fall 2022 but design professionals and paint companies are already looking towards the next new popular colors that will be popular next year and beyond! For a few years it was gray, then warm grays now some are suggesting warmer palette! Sherwin Williams is pointing to Redend Point SW 9081 as a 2023 color of the year. It is described as an earthy beige color, and its subtle pink undertones exude a feeling of warmth. This color or another in the same beige family of colors from Sherwin Williams may be worth considering as a warm, neutral beige wall color.

Photo Courtesy of the Sherwin Williams Paint Company- Redendpoint SW 9081 Paint Color

Versatility is another trend for 2023 for many who want off white walls and use other design elements and furnishings to stand out to make the room. Behr’s Color of the Year for 2023, Blank Canvas is a rich, warm, welcoming white color that is a good choice if you are looking for versatility. Blank Canvas is a versatile, timeless, and tranquil color that can be used in all rooms or accented in a few rooms with some of the other colors that have become popular in 2022 and that are in the paint color selection discussion for 2023.

Photo Courtesy of Behr- Blank Canvas Color

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Pressure Washing Algae, Mold and Mildew Away!


Fall 2022 is upon us and time to inspect and do pressure washing on the exterior of our homes after the Summer heat and humidity! Pressure washing is a great way to regularly maintain our homes exterior, fences, patios and decks to keep everything looking good! We also recommend pressure washing with cleaning chemicals to clean off, kill and remove Algae, Mold and mildew that can cause damage to wood, concrete, gutters, stucco and siding.

Pressure Washing Patios

Pressure Washing Patios
Pressure Washing Decks
Pressure Washing Garages, Sidewalks and Driveways

The Chemical cleaners we use depends on the type of surface and the level of growth and staining on the surface. At Premier Painting Company we use an excellent cleaner that is environmentally friendly while doing an excellent job cleaning a wide variety of surfaces when we are pressure washing that will not harm grass or plants etc. We use stronger chemicals where heavier removal and killing the growth is necessary. A higher level of protection of surrounding plants and surfaces to get the desired results when pressure washing with these chemicals. Soft washing using these chemicals with a lower pressure is recommended to eliminate any possibility of damaging the surfaces we are cleaning.

Give us a call for a free inspection of your homes exterior today at 913 897 7000 before winter or next spring before the busy pressure washing season heats up again!

Deck Repair Changes for 2022!


Deck Repair Blog

In addition to general carpentry repairs and replacing rotted wood we also perform deck repairs in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, Shawnee, Lenexa, Loch Lloyd Village MO and Kansas City. The biggest change since 2021 is the huge increase in the cost of cedar and other lumber and trim. We usually recommend cedar decking but because of the huge price increase some of the synthetic composite decking products now have a similar cost to the cedar decking. We recommend the new and improved Trex decking and a powder coated metal railing that will not rot!

There are are wide variety of composite decking materials on the market for you to choose from. We recommend Trex product that has a variety of high quality composite decking products that we feel offer the best value for our customers as well as a 25 year product warranty. There are cheaper products out there but the overall appearance and performance often do not meet our customers quality standards. These lower cost products are available if cost is a primary concern. The high end products are great and have a wide variety of great looks and are perform well over time in our harsh climate but the cost difference is significant especially with a larger deck!

At Premier Painting Company we are still using cedar for deck repair of steps, railing or partial deck repair or replacement. Often when doing the partial replacement we will pressure wash the deck and apply deck stain and or paint. Pressure washing and deck staining will help will get the new boards to look like the older parts of the deck for a uniform look.

Another common deck repair we perform regularly is leveling the deck or steps in addition to replacing rotted deck boards, steps and railings. Arbors and other wood structures that are exposed to the elements often need repair as well. Our goal is to get your deck safe to use and to get it looking like new for your outdoor enjoyment!

Premier Painting Company wants to be your go to resource for all your deck repair needs! We can repair or replace your rotted deck boards, deck railing and steps. Give us a call today! 913 897 7000

2021 Color Trends from Premier your Leawood Painter!


Your Leawood Painter has the color ideas to update your Home or Office in 2021!

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Aegean Teal and the other palette colors are Atrium White, Muslin, Foggy Morning, Rosy Peach, Beacon Hill Damask, Potters Clay, Chestertown Bluff, Gray Cashmere and a few other current accent colors they are promoting for 2021.

Sherwin Williams has a collection of 40 colors for 2021 they call the Colormix Forecast 2021, This color selector is divided into separate palettes that they have in a brochure that can be downloaded as a pdf or you can pick this up in your local Sherwin Williams store. By the way, Sherwin Williams has a new Leawood paint store on 119th St near Whole Foods if that is a more convenient location for you. Also, I can bring these various color charts to you to look at it with you in your space you are planning to paint and provide a free estimate to you for your project if you like!

The Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is Urbane Bronze, they describe it as a deep natural earth tone that is grounded, meditative and serene that brings a feeling of calm. They also recommend pairing it with Modern Gray SW 7632 and with natural stone and organic textured textiles and fabrics.

If you are ready to update your office or home living space to some of these calming natural paint colors or if you are ready to do other painting or repair projects, please give Premier Painting Company- your Leawood Painter a call at 913 897 7000! If you are in our metro Kansas City service area we are excited to serve you as well!

Popular Leawood Painting Colors in 2017 for Commercial Painting and Residential Painting Projects


Whether you have an interior painting, exterior painting, residential painting or commercial painting project the popular colors we are using for Leawood painting projects in 2017 are a great choice!
So, what color should you paint? Ultimately, it should be one that you love. The spectrum of paint colors for 2017 includes light calm neutral colors as well as vibrant deep colors. If you think you may be moving within a few years, it is probably better to stick with neutrals and maybe a pop of color here or there. Painting an accent wall or bath is a good place to start. Putting your color on the ceiling with neutral walls is also fun. Grays, beiges, and taupe’s are more current than the golden tones of the last decade. Below, I’ve given you the top 2017 colors from Benjamin Moore:























Leawood Painting Commercial and Residential Paint Colors

Popular Leawood Painting Colors

Leawood Painting color samples

Leawood Painting color ideas

Sherwin Williams put together this neutral palette:

Here are favorite colors from different companies:

As you can see, there is a paint color for everyone. Remember that bright tones will look even brighter when placed on a whole wall. Have fun!

Kansas City Painting Color Trends for 2016


Kansas City Painting Color Trends for Commercial Painting and Residential Painting

This room is painted using Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2016- Simply White OC 117

Are you looking for color ideas to update your home, office or commercial building? Now is a great time to be planning and scheduling both interior and exterior projects before the busy spring summer Kansas City painting season!

Our paint supplier in Overland Park Kansas is Spectrum Paint Company. Spectrum’s top 10 neutral Benjamin Moore paint colors are-
Revere Pewter HC 172
Shaker Beige HC 45
Edgecomb Grey HC 173
Bleeker Beige HC 80
Manchester Tan HC 81
Coventry Grey HC 169
Light Pewter 1464
Gray Owl OC 52
White Dove OC 17
Litchfield Gray HC 81

Popular ideas for color schemes and design trends are easier to find than ever thanks to web sites like Pinterest and Houzz.

Also visit the Benjamin More Site below to check out their specific color recommendations for 2016:
Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2016

Is your style classic or trendy?

Many of the sites online provide great ideas for both. One great color pallet we find ideas in is the Historical color line by Benjamin Moore.

Brighter white trim colors and warm grey and other grey tones are continuing to be popular this year for interior painting and exterior painting projects.

Call us at 913 897 7000 to let us know how we can help you with your upcoming project to get a fresh updated look at your office or home!

2015 Paint Color Trends for Kansas City


BM HC 172 Paint Colorinterior-painting

Over the last year the paint colors we have seen most frequently for interior walls is the grey tones. The type of grey particularly are warm grey colors like SW 7044 Amazing Grey, SW 0037 Morris Room Grey, SW 6071 Popular Grey and a very popular neutral color is SW 6106 Kilim Beige. These paint colors can be found in the Warm neutral color family. A popular warm grey color by Benjamin Moore is HC 172 Revere Pewter which is the color in the picture above.

Also, check out Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year Guilford Green HC 116 and the entire 2015 color palette at:


The HC before the Benjamin Moore colors denotes that it is one of their Historical Colors. When we are helping customers with color selection we always look at these colors first. They have great, rich and unique colors that our customers really like!

Benjamin Moore has 23 colors in it’s 2015 color palette and the entire color system has over 3,500 colors to choose from.

Sherwin Williams has a Paint Color Forecast every year and that can be found on their web site. The Sherwin Williams paint color of the year is Coral Reef SW 6606.
Exterior paint color trends for 2015 seem to be going to darker colors. A great way to select a new paint color is to drive through your neighborhood or high end new home developments and just look for the colors combinations that you like the best! It is impossible to envision a 2 inch paint color swatch on an entire home, seeing homes completely painted is the best way to get the perspective you need.

Please call for a Free estimate at 913 897 7000 and we can offer paint color suggestions for your next project!

Remember we do interior and exterior repairs and painting for residential and commercial projects in the Metro Kansas City area. Our service area includes Leawood, Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Lenexa, Parkville, Lee’s Summit and the surrounding area.

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2015 is our 25th year serving the Greater Kansas City area!

3 Myths about Stucco Repair and Maintenance


Stucco Repair and Maintenance – Blog

1. My builder told me stucco is maintenance free!
At a minimum stucco will need to be cleaned, often mold forms on the north side of the house. We have a cleaning solution that we use with a pressure washer to clean mildew on stucco/EIFS. Caulking needs to be maintained to prevent water penetration, we use industrial caulks and sealants that are made for stucco/EIFS. We can help you with caulking stucco, stucco repairs and filling cracks on your stucco, just give us a call at 813.897.7000 for a free stucco repair or painting estimate.

2. You cannot paint Stucco, EIFS or Dryvit.
(The Dryvit web site recommends using an elastomeric coating to paint Dryvit, some stucco and EIFS has the color in it when it was installed but after 10- 20 years will be faded and may be a dated color which can be made like new with the application of an elastomeric coating. Elastomeric is an acrylic coating that is made for stucco and masonry surfaces that fill existing cracks and bridge future small cracks as well as create a waterproof outer surface to keep your stucco from absorbing rain water like a sponge and is designed to breath allowing moisture that may be in your home to escape. The best thing is your stucco will look new again and should last 12- 15 years before needing to be recoated, while protecting your stucco/EIFS. You can paint stucco with a regular exterior paint but the elastomeric has added protection. Lower quality paint or elastomeric will not last as long as the best quality products with higher grade acrylics that last longer and protect your stucco better.

3. Stucco is better and has less problems than EIFS/Dryvit.
Stucco and EIFS can both have problems which are a result of improper installation, also, windows or other areas that allow water penetration can cause problems in both types of products. Properly installed and maintained EIFS is an excellent product for a home exterior. EIFS or Dryvit homes built more than 10 years ago(and even homes newer than 10 years) may not be using the industry standard methods and may be more prone to problems with leaking and potentially mold.

Do you want to know for sure if your commercial building or home’s stucco or EIFS would benefit from Stucco Repair, Caulking or cleaning??

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