About Us

The Premier Painting Company DifferencePremier Painting Company LLC 1990-2020 30th Anniversary

Premier Painting Company started in 1990 with a vision for quality, dependable, and professional painting services for both commercial painting and residential painting customers.  Premier Painting Company has become one of the leading residential and commercial painting companies in the Kansas City area. Dean Denis, founder, has over 34 years of experience in all phases of the full service painting company that Premier is today and a record of customer satisfaction.  As a result, Dean, his staff, and crew are committed to integrity and personal care in every painting and repair project they complete.

“How Do We at Premier Painting Company Define the Perfect Painting Project?”

We could tell you about our 34 years of service in Overland Park Kansas and the greater Kansas City area, and how we employ the best painting application and preparation techniques. We could also tell you how we use the best materials for different surfaces.  Or our commitment to completing each painting and repair project on time and on budget.  Or we could tell you about our great people and their professionalism.

However, none of these adequately answer the question, because we know that what truly matters is creating the best outcome for you and your unique painting or repair project.

We begin at the first meeting to truly understand your objectives and concerns.  We then prepare a detailed and comprehensive painting and repair proposal.  If the proposal is acceptable we then execute the plan to deliver the desired outcome for you!

Please call us at 913.897.7000 for a free, no obligation consultation and proposal for your upcoming painting or repair project!