3 Myths about Stucco Repair and Maintenance


Stucco Repair and Maintenance – Blog

1. My builder told me stucco is maintenance free!
At a minimum stucco will need to be cleaned, often mold forms on the north side of the house. We have a cleaning solution that we use with a pressure washer to clean mildew on stucco/EIFS. Caulking needs to be maintained to prevent water penetration, we use industrial caulks and sealants that are made for stucco/EIFS. We can help you with caulking stucco, stucco repairs and filling cracks on your stucco, just give us a call at 813.897.7000 for a free stucco repair or painting estimate.

2. You cannot paint Stucco, EIFS or Dryvit.
(The Dryvit web site recommends using an elastomeric coating to paint Dryvit, some stucco and EIFS has the color in it when it was installed but after 10- 20 years will be faded and may be a dated color which can be made like new with the application of an elastomeric coating. Elastomeric is an acrylic coating that is made for stucco and masonry surfaces that fill existing cracks and bridge future small cracks as well as create a waterproof outer surface to keep your stucco from absorbing rain water like a sponge and is designed to breath allowing moisture that may be in your home to escape. The best thing is your stucco will look new again and should last 12- 15 years before needing to be recoated, while protecting your stucco/EIFS. You can paint stucco with a regular exterior paint but the elastomeric has added protection. Lower quality paint or elastomeric will not last as long as the best quality products with higher grade acrylics that last longer and protect your stucco better.

3. Stucco is better and has less problems than EIFS/Dryvit.
Stucco and EIFS can both have problems which are a result of improper installation, also, windows or other areas that allow water penetration can cause problems in both types of products. Properly installed and maintained EIFS is an excellent product for a home exterior. EIFS or Dryvit homes built more than 10 years ago(and even homes newer than 10 years) may not be using the industry standard methods and may be more prone to problems with leaking and potentially mold.

Do you want to know for sure if your commercial building or home’s stucco or EIFS would benefit from Stucco Repair, Caulking or cleaning??

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