Popular Paint Colors for 2017 for Commercial Painting and Residential Painting in Kansas City


Whether you have an interior painting, exterior painting, residential painting or commercial painting project the popular colors of 2017 are a great choice!
So, what color should you paint? Ultimately, it should be one that you love. The spectrum of paint colors for 2017 includes light calm neutral colors as well as vibrant deep colors. If you think you may be moving within a few years, it is probably better to stick with neutrals and maybe a pop of color here or there. Painting an accent wall or bath is a good place to start. Putting your color on the ceiling with neutral walls is also fun. Grays, beiges, and taupe’s are more current than the golden tones of the last decade. Below, I’ve given you the top 2017 colors from Benjamin Moore:

Sherwin Williams put together this neutral palette:
Kansas City Commercial Paint Colors
Here are favorite colors from different companies:
Kansass City Residential Paint Colors
As you can see, there is a paint color for everyone. Remember that bright tones will look even brighter when placed on a whole wall. Have fun!